Bag Filter & Bag Filter System Manufacturers, Suppliers, Dealers in Bangalore

We are leading Bag Filter manufacturers, suppliers & dealers in Bangalore. We believe in offering customized Bag Filters & Bag Filter Systems at the best price. With the endorsement of technical expertise in the field of filtering systems, we designed a wide range of Bag Filters in order to meet diversified requirements of our esteemed clients. It is made by using the latest technology and tools to ensure longer service life for a variety of industrial applications.

Air Fans never compromise on the quality and standard of the Bag Filter System that we manufacture. Our sole goal in producing and supplying industrial filters is to keep the environment clean and sanitary for all.

Working Process:

Being the best Bag Filter System manufacturers we are aware of the fact that the system are commonly used in industries that deal with processes for generating pollutants in the form of particles. Our filter system is made from either woven or non-woven cloth.

It is divided into sections, and the cloth is shaped accordingly to ensure that there are no loopholes in the entire system. Because the dirt or dust particles must be collected, a hopper is installed at the end of the system to ensure a thorough and complete collection of the pollutants.

The dirt or dust particles form a layer over the cloth during the process. The layer continues to thicken until the process is completed.

Filters can be classified into two types: Mechanical and Electrostatic filters

  • Mechanical Filters work by using the pressure of the fluid to force the solid particles through a sieve or mesh.
  • Electrostatic Filters use an electric field to push the solid particles through a sieve or mesh.

Technical Features

  • Vacuum and Pressure Blower Pumps
  • Airlock Rotary Valves
  • Bags for filtration
  • Cages for filtration
  • Compressor ducting and dampers, cone and shell
  • Electrical and control equipment

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