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As the leading Tube Axial Fan manufacturers suppliers & dealers in Bangalore, specially Air Fans are designed and manufactured to meet the exact demands of commercial and industrial ventilation in hot, humid, dusty and corrosive environments, with an optimum relationship between air quantity and power consumption, Leading suppliers the cylindrical casing of fans is made of Mild Steel, Stainless Steel sheet with adequate size for fine clearances for better efficiency. The impeller will be made of cast aluminum alloy, and the aerofoil of the blade will be designed for maximum efficiency at a low horsepower.

We as a leading axial fan dealers provide our Axial Fans in a variety of diameter sizes, including 310,450, 610, 750, and 910 mm.

Below are the Sectors in which used our Axial Fans:

  • Industrial application of Axial Fans in Bangalore
  • Air circulation fans for HVAC applications Industrial Air Ventilation Fans
  • Kitchen Exhaust Fans in Hotels & Restaurants
  • Factory Smoke Exhaust Fans
  • Industrial Cooling Using Man Coolers
  • Industrial and Commercial Facilities to Provide Comfortable Air Conditioning
Tube Axial Fan in Pune


  • Cost efficiency
  • Large Air volume
  • Low Power consumption
  • Adjustable Blade
  • Compatible with drive system
  • Noise reduction
  • Energy efficiency
  • Easy installation
  • Durability
  • Long life span

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