Multi Cyclone Fan, Multi Cyclone Dust Collector Manufacturers in Pune Maharashtra

Your search ends here as we here at AIR FANS being the leading Multi Cyclone Fans manufacturers suppliers in Pune Maharashtra. Multi Cyclone Dust Collectors manufacturers works on the same principle of using inertia and a centrifugal separator to separate heavier dust from dust-laden gas. The number of centrifugal forces produced and the length of residence time to allow more dust to settle determine the efficiency of Multi Cyclone Dust Collector in collecting finer dust. These two factors improve Cyclone Separators and Particle Separation.

What are Multi Cyclone Dust Collectors used for?

Cyclone Fan manufacturers provide quality product with multi pourpose use as our multi cyclone fans or multi cyclone dust collectors. Uses of dusting in large manufacturing industries with long production lines. Our Industrial Cyclone Fan are also used where coarser dust particles are produced in smaller quantities, such as in woodworking, metal grinding or machining. Cyclones are used as pre collectors to reduce bag loading. Baffle chambers are used as pre collectors when high efficiency is not required.

In order to provide the best results for our customer’s we as the leading Multi Cyclone Fan Manufacturers in Pune produces a hoover. This is accomplished by sucking air from the room through an exhaust vent while using the fan's airflow. The more powerful the fan, the better it can create a hoover. Multi Cyclone Fans can also assist in keeping the room cool by pushing hot air out and bringing in cooler air from outside. It can also be used for other purposes such as drying clothes or cooling food.

Product specifications

We as a leading Multi Cyclone Fans dealers and the Multi Cyclone Dust Collectors suppliers provides the following specifications:

  • 3000 to 100,000 CMH capacity (These are available in a variety of sizes and can be customised to meet the needs of the client.)
  • Pressure drops of up to 150 mm WC Dust Collector efficiency of up to 95% on 5-micron size.

Why should you be choosing us?

  • We used premium quality components and innovative technology and motors in constructing our fans.
  • We manufacture and supply highly efficient, durable, quality tested and reliable Multi Cyclone Fans.
  • We offer Multi Cyclone Fan manufacturers in Pune as per various technical specifications given by our clients at pocket Fridley cost.
  • Sturdy in construction and long service life.
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